Meet Our Team


Patriot Irrigation and Lighting is owned and operated by Brian Cutulle of Nashville. Brian has been in the irrigation business since 1995 and is dedicated to providing the best service available in the Middle Tennessee area.

The staff at Patriot Irrigation and Lighting has over 100 years combined experience in the irrigation industry.

Sherman has been in the irrigation industry for over 20 years and is certified at many levels:

Past President of the Tennessee Irrigation Assoc.
IA Certified Irrigation Designer
IA Certified Irrigation Contractor
IA Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor
ARCSA Accredited Rainwater Harvesting Professional
ICPI Certified Pavers Contractor
Certified Permaculture Designer & Teacher

Bob Lancashire - Service Manager

Bob has over 30 years experience in the irrigation industry. He is a proven asset to the Patriot Irrigation team.

Domingo Chavez - Service Technician

Domingo has been with Patriot Irrigation for 20 years. Having been trained by long time members of the Patriot Irrigation team, Domingo is highly skilled and proficient at his work. He is the lead commercial service tech.

Bethany is the service manager and executive accounts manager. She has been with Patriot for 12 years.

Wesley is the lead residential service tech. He has been with Patriot for 15 years.