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With over 100 years combined experience in the Landscape Water Management field, Patriot Irrigation and Lighting has the experience to manage your Central Control System. The most important aspect of landscape irrigation management is to know what you are managing. Often times, a simple site survey conducted by PIL can get you started. We can also set-up your Central Control System, collect system data, and set-up an automatic program tailored just for your site. Both On-Site and Off-Site programs are available and affordable.

On Site- This is a FULL SERVICE application. PIL will manage your landscape irrigation Central Control System from your site, with daily on-site inspections and adjustment. In the event of a system failure such as a broken line or head, PIL will either contract to have the repair made or create work orders for your staff.

Both ON-SITE and OFF-SITE MANAGEMENT services include monthly water use reports.

Measurement of sprinkler precipitation and uniformity of application.

Inspection of sprinkler selection, positioning, operating conditions and available water pressure.

Calculation of irrigation programming considering sprinkler precipitation rates and plant requirements.

Check of hydraulic network pipe sizes, regulation, balance of sub network, and working conditions.

Check of electrical network cable sizing, protection and working conditions.

Water resource plus pumping plant analysis of condition, operation and adaptation based upon quantity and quality of available water.

Central control system operation analysis and adaptation to actual requirements taking into account the system limits.

Off Site Remote- Much like our ON-SITE service, PIL will manage your Central Control System from our office, providing e-mail alerts of possible issues. Your staff would provide site inspections and suggest possible adjustments.

System Efficiency Audit- Irrigation auditing is a proven method to effectively maximize the usage of water within automatic irrigation systems, such as urban landscapes, commercial properties and sports fields. PIL customers have seen the benefits of including an irrigation audit into water conservation programs, with reduced water consumption and improved overall efficiency to their irrigation systems. Tools Download Tech Spec Audit PIL irrigation audits consist of three main activities: system inspection from reservoir to sprinkler, performance testing and irrigation scheduling. Each activity in itself can result in significant water and energy savings. PIL audit service consists of an onsite technical inspection concluding in a detailed report based upon the analysis of the measurements carried out on site.

System Scheduling- The process used by irrigation system managers to determine the correct frequency and duration of watering. The goal in irrigation scheduling is to apply enough water to fully wet the plant's root zone while minimizing overwatering and then allow the soil to dry out in between waterings, to allow air to enter the soil and encourage root development, but not so much that the plant is stressed beyond what is allowable.

Our expertise is in keeping your property beautiful and healthy. A properly functioning sprinkler system is key to accomplishing this. For this reason we provide full service sprinkler and irrigation repair and installation. Your investment in your and beautiful landscape will quickly disappear if not consistently maintained. Patriot Irrigation and Lighting can help. We might even be able to save you money on your water bill.

If you have an older sprinkler system, or if you need your sprinkler system changed due to an addition or landscape construction, you may require a modification. A modification is the rebuilding or new installation of a section or sections of your existing sprinkler system. Call us today to get an estimate for your sprinkler modification.

Patriot Irrigation and Lighting provides professional irrigation consulting services for clients who manage, maintain and plan for residential, commercial, municipal and industrial irrigation projects. Our business is built on a foundation of long-term client relationships A sophisticated irrigation system deserves the technical support that PIL can provide. Our knowledge in the irrigation industry provides us with the expertise needed to carry a project from planning to application. We realize that irrigation is often the last priority when it comes to designing a project. But we also know that a well-designed irrigation system can make a big difference to the vitality of a project’s landscape. When your reputation is on the line... rely on ours We are trusted by some of the largest developers and architectural firms, as well as municipalities, universities, schools systems and corporations.

Patriot Irrigation and Lighting is committed to design and build the most efficient, water saving automatic sprinkler systems available today. We offer the most "Cutting Edge" technology available to ensure our automatic irrigation sprinkler systems are conserving water and protecting the environment. We can install a complete new system or modify an existing one.

As an irrigation and landscape lighting company with more than 100 years of combined experience, we would be proud to put our experience to work for you. Feel free to call 615-742-3002 or Schedule a Free Quote right here on the site.

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