Lighting Services


The lighting service division of our company adds the final touch to your landscaping. Landscape lighting is an extension of the beauty we see in a garden. Branch patterns of a tree, exfoliating bark on a shrub, and drops of water from a fountain come to life with lighting. Our lighting technicians are trained to enhance sculptures, architectural details, outdoor structures, and patio and pool areas.

Lighting not only beautifies your home and garden, it gives a sense of safety and security. With outdoor lighting, one can enjoy their property both day and night.

After you have installed the perfect walkway for your landscaping or yard design, walkway lighting is a great way to enhance both safety and the presentation. Walkway lighting adds a dramatic effect to the nighttime landscape, and when done tastefully it adds an air of elegance. Here at Patriot, we carry a number of walkway lighting materials for both commercial and residential use.

What really separates our commercial-grade walkway lights from our residential-grade lights is the construction of the individual light components. The commercial-grade lights are designed with stronger lenses and thicker ribbing so that they can stand up to the increased traffic of a commercial property. These lights are designed for heavy day in, day out use.

Our commercial-grade walkway lights are designed to work with commercial interlock applications as well as with stamped concrete and asphalt. The paver lights come with secure tabs that ensure that they stay tightly in place and don't "wriggle" under intense traffic conditions. We carry paver lights as well as lights designed to fit seamlessly into retaining walls or onto decks.

The paver lighting options we carry and utilize here at Patriot are some of the best available. We offer a wide variety of paver lights from for both residential and commercial use. On the residential side, we carry both an eight and a 14 light kit, both of which come with light fixtures, lenses, sockets, and four-watt bulbs.

Additionally, our residential paver lighting kits come with 50 or 100 feet of 12/2 outdoor cable, a transformer, and easy-to-follow instructions. All of our lights feature highly durable lenses that are composed of break-resistant plastic. Our confidence in our lenses is so strong that we offer a full two-year warranty on them.

For those seeking commercial-grade paver lighting products, we carry a full line of excellent lights and kits designed to withstand commercial use. We have everything from commercial-grade retaining wall lights to deck and garden lights, all of which are easy to install and highly durable.

We believe that LED lighting technology is the future of lighting. Recently, there have been substantial improvements in the quality of LED lighting. LED manufacturer's have greatly improved the lumen output of LEDs so that they are now comparable to incandescent alternatives.

We believe so much in LED that 95% of our installs are now LED.

LED lighting is a relatively new lighting technology. Although the LED was invented over 30 years ago it has only recently been adapted to consumer and commercial lighting applications. With the recent interest in energy-efficient technology and the increase in energy costs manufacturers have been popping up all over who offer LED lighting.

What brands do we use?

The brands we use for lighting are Kichler, B and K, Hadco, KIM, Hinkley, and Vista.